All Hearts are dead except those with knowledge... All those with knowledge are asleep except those who perform good actions... All those who perform good actions are deceived except those with sincerity... And all those with sincerity are in a constant state of anxiety... [Imam Shafi'i]

Friday, October 28, 2005

Get your school photographs!

Salams ppls,

Check out this site. Its amazing! It has an international school photo database. If you ever missed getting it any year or just want to see your friends and yourself when you were cute and young, :P just fill in the details of where u went to school and when you went and believe me u will be surprized.



Blogger flynn.t said...

This is GREAT.

12:55 pm

Blogger eccentric_human said...

LOL! yeah!How come they have such a great collection!

6:07 am


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