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Thursday, August 18, 2005

BD news...

Has anyone checked BD news lately? The newspaper is covered with these hadings:

Blasts rock every corner of country
400 small bombs explode in 63 districts: two killed, 150 wounded: 50 held

Two killed, over 200 injured in 63 districts: an Islamic group claims responsibility
String of bomb blasts rock Bangladesh
Countrywide security alert ordered, check posts installed in each district

459 blasts in 63 districts in 30 minutes
2 killed; 100 hurt; all explosives were time bombs; Jama'atul Mujahideen leaflets found

You can guess the kind of terrible thing that has happened. I will copy and paste some excerpts from some of the bengali newspapers. Its in english (for people like flynn and me to understand better).

My sources are:

"Panic gripped the entire nation following the series of time-bomb explosions in all the district headquarters except Munshiganj that left at least two persons killed and more than 200 others injured on Wednesday"

"In an unprecedented scale of terror attacks, a banned Islamist militant group yesterday simultaneously blasted at least 459 time bombs in 63 of 64 districts across the country"

"According to witnesses, a bearded young man left a bag beside a roadside shop in front of the press club at about 11:15am. ‘He went to buy a bus ticket and no sooner had he left an explosion took place injuring the shop owner,’ the clerk of a ticket counter said. The bag also contained leaflets in Bengali and Arabic, attributed to Jamaatul Mujaheedin Bangladesh, an Islamist organisation that was banned in February along with Jagrata Muslim Janata of Bangla Bhai"

"Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh, the banned militant group, claimed responsibility for the blasts through leaflets that left the countrymen in shock.

Panic gripped the country at the extent of the network of the terrorists who meticulously calculated the timing of the bombings between 11:00am and 11:30am, targeting government establishments, mainly the offices of the local district administrations and courts.

Only two hours after Prime Minister Khaleda Zia departed for China on a five-day official tour, a time bomb went off on the stairs inside Zia International Airport, showing a gaping hole in the security system. Three madrasa students and an imam of a mosque were picked up from the airport premises.

In the leaflets, in Bangla and Arabic, found with the bomb devices, Jama'atul, which was banned on February 23 this year, said: "It is time to implement Islamic law in Bangladesh. There is no future with man-made law."

If you are interested in reading up more on this event just read the actual articles (sources listed above). I know that media has the tendancy to sensationalise things and finding 'news' such as this must make them happy rather than sad, so I am a bit critical on some aspects of the reports. However, anyone who resorts to violence when there are most definately peaceful means of solving things sickens me.

Also, another thing, apart from the media, is BD politics. It has to be the most twisted and corrupt system (not only my opinion, but it is a common international opinion). So bola jay na ki diye ki hoche. Whatever it is, it is so SAD. May Allah guide us all. Ameen.


Blogger »|n|i|r|a|« said...

I felt ashamed at how little Bangladesh-conscious we are i.e. we don't keep in touch with whats happening over there. Ammu regularly checks bangla papers online so she told us about it. Its shocking. I hope they don't somehow link it to Jamate Islami Bangladesh. I don't understand how they do it!

10:49 am

Blogger -iishii- said...

I am so sickened by Bangladeshi politics. Acha, can i ask u guys something: What do u think about RAB? Personally I think it is a disastrous idea to give a body of prople so much authority. Even if it is against shontrashi's, many of them can take advantage of their power (and I'm sure the do - as has been proven in many cases in BD) and use it for personal gain. What do u think? I'm assuming u no what RAB is, rite?

5:04 pm

Blogger »|n|i|r|a|« said...

I thinks its good to use as a temporary measure until such time as all terror activities i.e. muder, rape, kidnapping, hijacking are brought under control. RAB (Rapid Action battalion aka military disguised in civilian clothes or something like that) has made a marked imrpovement in security for Bangali civilians. Wheb abbu came back from Bangladesh he said in certain parts of in Dhaka -where it was unsafe to stay out too long into the night- all businesses stay open until 12 am. This wasn't possible even a few years earlier. Another thing, despite of the seemingly inhumane or gruesome method used by RAB, noticably there hasn't been that much international criticsm of it, even by human rights groups, because it has contributed to preserving the rights of multitudes more.

9:28 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

That might be true but even then RAB has had MANY MANY cases where people were convicted and killed wrongfully (without being given a chance to defend themselves). Abbu was telling me all about this a few days ago. They might be making the majority of people feel safe but many other innocents might be feeling terrified because of them. For example, say a shontrashi is caught and names are extracted from him. He can give as many wrong names of innocent people as he wants. And in the end RAB goes and kills these ppl. Believe me there have been cases like that. So wheres the guarantee that the people they are killing (in extremely brutal ways)are the actual criminals?

6:55 pm

Blogger »|n|i|r|a|« said...

write something @ OM!

9:47 pm

Blogger »|n|i|r|a|« said...

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1:59 pm

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