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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Coming up...

Assalamualaikum people,

I'm on break now from uni for one week. But nevertheless I have so much to do. But I just CANT put my mind 2 it! I cant believe we're already half way through our break and I havent completed ANYTHING! Time is passing me but i cant keep up and I know that its entirely my fault :( I'm sure u all go thru this too, rite? Any tips?

Well, 2moro insha Allah a bunch of us are going ice skating. So am looking forward 2 that. It shud be fun insha Allah. But the only thing i'm scared about is the number of people coming. I think theres way too many people coming. So we shud just keep a track of every1. The funniest thing happened 2day. One of my frend (who never went ice skating b4) was asking me whether she needed 2 bring a helmet with her? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! We both had a long laugh after she asked this.

On Friday is the SUMSA (Sydney Uni Muslim Students Association) glamer and glitz night. Its a girls only dinner which is a fundraising event for the muslim society. Insha Allah quite a few of us are going so I am quite excited abt that too. I've already planned my shari, make up, jewellery, even shoes! I know this makes me sound really superficial and shallow, but we hardly ever get an event like this, where us hijabis can dress up so much. So this is a rare opportunity, so I wanna make the best of it insha Allah.

Well, i dont wanna bore you ppl anymore with tales of my unlively life. Eituk porar jonno dhonnobad! Biday my dear frends. Assalamualaikum.


Blogger llanin said...

hope u have enjoyed a nice day there.nice blog.

2:29 pm

Blogger »|n|i|r|a|« said...

Shariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! I'd love to see the pics if you took any!

11:57 pm

Blogger *-Miha-* said...

LUCKY!! that sounds fun! send pix to us too!!!!

7:22 am

Blogger flynn.t said...

Aa SB... about your shallowness... nono, I shall refrain from stating the Flynnic sentiments ;).

But I totally understand what you mean... there aren't nearly enough events for me to steal the limelight ;D. (I'm ONLY KIDDING!!) But I was happy & thankful mainly to my Mummy dearest for putting on the 6m long wrap-around... so I gave the voucher to her.

8:36 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

Good on ya man 4 giving up prize 2 ur mummy dearest. Thanx a lot 4 putting up with us that day. I know we caused havoc at ur place so we all shud get u guys something BIG!

12:39 pm


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