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Friday, June 17, 2005

Can u c it?

Free 3D Wallpaper 'Orcas' Dream' 640x400

Salams every1,

I'm just experimenting with something. I've pasted a jpeg image above this text. Can u c it? If u can't can any of u please explain 2 me how 2 attach photos here?

Thanx a bunch :D


Blogger -iishii- said...

I can c the pic, can any1 else c it? I like this pic, usually i hate fantasy stuff, but this 1's pretty cool.

3:49 pm

Blogger flynn.t said...

I see it! And it's nice.

9:35 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

Go to

They have some mad wallpapers. On the main page, just go to 'wallpapers gallery' (I think thats wat it was). Their 'abstract' and 'fantasy and sci-fi collections are quite good.

11:17 am


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