All Hearts are dead except those with knowledge... All those with knowledge are asleep except those who perform good actions... All those who perform good actions are deceived except those with sincerity... And all those with sincerity are in a constant state of anxiety... [Imam Shafi'i]

Friday, November 04, 2005

Eid Mubarak!

Assalamualaikum every1,

I would like 2 wish u all a very festive and blessed eid al fitr. I have just posted up an article on The significance of Eid al-Fitr in Our Microcosm. It was quite an insightful read because I could find many faults in the way I saw Eid celebrated here. I'm sure u all noticed it too. Ramadhan came like this and went like this yet no1 contemplates over it. In Bangla TV we see the news-presenters (the women of course) with orna over their head only in ramadhan and as soo as its eid, not only duz the orna come off but all sorts of hijab-defying and more-over Islam-defying activities take place. Like cinemar gaaner onushthan and a marathon run of eid-er natoks. Well, thats TV, rite? In our everyday life we shud see things 2 be a lot better, tai na? Well, not true.

Many hijabis (I guess u cud say part-time hijabi's, even tho there's no such thing in Islam) took their hijab off. We have become so superficial that we think eid is all about ke ki porlo, ke koto takar jama kinlo, ke ki ranna korlo eid e, ke koto guest pailo, etc... But i just read this in the article: “True rejoicing is not (merely) in wearing new clothes, but in becoming true in one’s devotion to God.” Dont think its a hadith, even if it is, the Sheikh that said it didnt source it. But the message behind it may seem simple but it is SO difficult to implement it into ur lives! Devotion to God... amader devotion to Allah koto? I sometimes think that u no. Esp @ eid prayer, so many people dont turn up, esp women and even if they do, they talk non-stop during the khutbah! All the lessons people learn during Ramadhan often go down the drain during Eid. Here is our devotion to Allah.

People have such a narrow idea of 'fun'. They assume that Islam-e kono 'fun' nei. Thats y 2 have fun in eid, u cant possibly do it thru halal means. Y cant they grasp the islamic meaning of fun. Islam gives us many opportunities for fun and celebrations. Every Friday is like an Eid for us and we should celebrate it like 1. Which other religion, culture or movement in the world provides opportunity for so much fun!

Anyways, it's a festive and blessed day for celebrations. I wont complain any more. I wish u all a blessed eid full of fun (proper Islamic fun) and blessings. May Allah accept all your good deeds not only in Ramadhan but always. U r all in my prayers and please keep me in yours.



Blogger Chimichanga said...

salam iishii,
Eid mubarak. It's sad whatever you have written in your post. I would just have to admit that I am lucky and blessed enough (Alhamdulillah)to be in a place where I don't see much of seasonal hijabis, nor do I encounter too much of a drastic change in environment just because Ramadan is over.

But on another note, I figured, even though being critical is good. Every now and then,we should look at the positive things. For example, if someone wears hijab only during Ramadan, hey CONGRATULATIONS. That's a big step, seriously. (I am not talking about tv people, but the general folks). Everyone has to start somewhere, right? I remember when I was 7, I used to pray fajr and maghrib, ONLY. That was "the" start for me. And then you step up everyday. If you already start at 100% perfection, hey how you going to live your life? Is there anything better to look forard to? You can only go down from that point on, right? Let's all try to make excuses for other muslims. If we cant make 70, let's try to make 1 or 2 or 5.

I felt a lot better the other day at the mosque when this brother from CAIR came in said, "we keep on focusing on our faults. Let's look at the positive things that Muslims do." Then he goes on talking about what great things we are doing. That gives us inspirations.
Seriously, that makes a lot more hopeful about life.
OK, onek pechaal parlam. I am the one who complains the most. But recently, yes from my Ramadan activities, i have learnd some life-altering lessons.
Don't expect Muslims to be angels, they are humans. Don't expect yourself to be an angel, you are human and bound to err. There is a divine beauty in repenting. If you don't give yourself enough room to fall (the ones that you are aware of. We are always AT fault unknowingly), crying before Allah will be hard. Someone said (just don't remember) "if a sin makes you humble and remorseful before Allah, it's better than your good deeds that may make you arrogant." (now, let's not push this statement to such extent that we start sinning on purpose. The main idea is, we need to be humbled.) Look at the positive sides. Appreciate every little improvement. You think you did something wrong. Ask for forgiveness, and move on. Otherwise you are at danger of falling into despair either by looking at yourself, or other folks that frustrate you (i.e. the seasonal hijabis =p) Just appreciate small little things. They will only increase! ;)

I remind myself before anyone else. I am the biggest complainer on earth, and, seriously trying to change my attitude. I guess in this comment I was talking to myself, lol.

1:51 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

Wa alaikum salam sis,

"if a sin makes you humble and remorseful before Allah, it's better than your good deeds that may make you arrogant"

I loved that! I'm so bad at making excuses for the shortcomings of other bro's ans sis'. I've just come 2 realise that now. I think after talking 2 mere daddy-abba i have become a cynic on people. BAD Seriously, my dad duznt trust any1! Khub-i negative ekjon manush. I tried 2 make him optimistic ekhon nijei majhe majhe khub negative hoye jai. BAD influence, lol. Insha Allah I'll try 2 improve on that. And convince mere dear daddy-abba :P

2:00 pm


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