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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Daddy-dear left!


Aajke abbur bd jabar flight. Insha Allah he will get there by 2moro shokal our time. Ek maash thaka plan niye jache. Then he will return to sydney on 6th December insha Allah. He wouldnt let us go to the airport and wont let us go 2 pick him up. Since we live right across the station and there i train travel available right to the airport, so he prefers to give us that break even tho we were all willing 2 go with him!

It was so cute! Ammur chokhe pani chole eshechilo! And b4 abbu left he said bye to ammu and held out his hand for a handshake but ammu didnt take his hand. Rather she gave him a HUGE hug! She didnt come to the station with me and abbu. Abbu only wanted me 2 go 2 the station with him so I cud help him with the luggage. But ammu was still across the road and waited there until abbu got on the train and then left for work. But in that time they exchanged waves and smiles from across the street like 10 times! And this is a 60 second journey i'm talking abt, lol.

I remember teasing ammu abbu abt each other so much. Once we changed the banner on abbu's fone to "Shelley amar" and when he found out and changed it, we changed it back to "Ami Shelley'r", lol. Just thos morning I took a foto of ammu and one of abbu with ammus fone andI saved ammu's one as "shundori" and abbu's one as "jaan", lol.

I feel so sorry 4 abbu, he has with him 3 HUGE shopping lists. One 4 me, one 4 me sis and one 4 ammu. Bechara. I told him not 2 do the shopping. Just give the lists to my girl cousins and bhabis and mamis. They'll be better at these things insha Allah. U wanna c my list?
  • 6 salwar kameez
  • 4 sharees
  • 1 long skirt
  • Roopchorcha stuff like uptan, fair and lovely, mehendi,......

Me sis has the same list. We had to modify it so many times 2 get it this short. B4 it was like 5 times this size, no joke! I dont care if he duznt get all this. All i ask is him 2 b safe. I've heard some scary stories about people going 2 bd from here. Please make dua 4 him ppls. The he remains safe.

U no the funniest thing, actually a good thing. Abbu started praying from today alhamdulillah and intends to keep it up in BD insha Allah. I was so happy when he told me :D May Allah make him successful in his intentions. Ameen.


Blogger Em said...

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11:57 am

Blogger ashes2ashes said... guys are soooo cute! if we did the fotos stuff to our parents- they'll murder us, for sure! They are too conservative, I reckon!
your shopping list looks reasonable...why didn't you go with him? it'll be really good this year and iA i'm going!

2:16 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

I dont wanna go 2 bd with ABBU. If it was with ammu i wud go. Believe me, speaking from past experiences in my family, i need ammu around when im in BD, lol.

3:13 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

em, ok i'll try and tell that 2 abbu insha Allah but y? It sounds strange :S

3:15 pm

Blogger Emu said...

what!!! no jewellary in the list!!! i was sure there would be. u ladies like jewellaries don't u? add that to ur list when u can contact him.

ps. peeeeach, pleeeease get rid of that word verification box. eet's anoying

7:39 pm

Blogger flynn.t said...

Miss Brainiac (not being sarcastic)... you have problems slowly being solved... and I have preoblems slowly coming to light.

See, this person I know has found some monster friends, but she doesn't realise that her "friends" are, in fact, monsters. (Bear with me, even thought I'm using a childish analogy).
Hmm... I need names...

Let's call "this person I know" Credit, and this other person I know Card... and the new frieds can be "The Monsters".
So where was I? Yes- Credit doesn't realise that "The Monsters" are going to "eat her up"! (not literally)... and Card & I have been wracking our brains with ways to stop Credit from being eaten... (read: we're trying to stop Credit from losing her Islam... in some ways).
So, how does one go about doing this?? Usually, I'm the one being directed, not the actual director.

EEK! What a predicament and a half!! SO HEEELP! Preferebly before it's too late!

9:40 pm

Blogger flynn.t said...

Lordy! I must be exhausted- so many typos! I gnore them... and all the grammatical mistakes... and all the typos in this post that I really can't be bothered going back to fix...

yes- I'm bored... taking a break from studying Chem... an ongoing break... 30mins. & counting.

9:58 pm

Blogger Em said...

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11:27 pm

Blogger flynn.t said...

Comment was mostly directed at Ishi, who is the solver of problems.

11:54 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

Lol, emu, i did add jewellery to the list. in fact i wanned 4 jewellery sets each with each sharee along with chooris with the set :D OK fine i'll get rid of the word verificattion thingo insha Allah.

em, that sounds so freaky! insha Allah i'll inform abbu but he might already no abt it coz he's pretty skilled at surviving in bd, lol.

okies flynn, i'm no pro with advice but i've been in ur exact same position but i was like super best frends with credit so i felt much worse. What i think u need 2 try doing is get 2 credit very indirectly. Like card can make extra effort spending time with Credit. But u shudnt make it obvious. Like if she gets any hint that u are trying 2 get 2 her islamically and 2 separate her from the monsters she will hate u 2 for a LONG time! Get card to do normal things with her. Things she does with the monsters but keep it islamic. So she knows that there are islamic ways to have fun. U get me? Anyways, i'll prolly call u up soon insha Allah coz i need 2 discuss something else with u anyways, then u can tell me more, OK?

2:46 pm

Blogger Emu said...

hurrmmm, it seems to me that flynn is quite worried about her Credit, ... in a punny sort of way ...


9:35 pm

Blogger »|n|i|r|a|« said...

tomra baki-ra jaoni keno? Eto shari and gohonagati...biyer jonno prostuti niccho naki?

10:19 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

hehe, biyer jonno prostuti nare apu shona, just shaju gujur jonno. I absolutely LOVE dressing up! But usually not alone, like with other people. I dont have any1 at home who dresses up with me :'(

Also, hopefully all those weddings that i am hearing abt in bd at the end of the year will be followed by a reception here insha Allah. So i must be prepared 4 that! hehe :P

3:24 pm

Blogger HijabiPrincess said...

ishi i agreed upon the 19th. :(. porikkha mathae niyeo shaji guju korte raji achi... chinta koro amar obostha!!! i will call u up either tomorrow or after my monday's exam inshallah..
nira apu, don't u know, girls stop shaju-guju once they get married? that needs to be changed i reckon...
actually u got me thinking... do we really do shaju guju as "biyer preparation"? that might be true.. or may be not. I was always inclined to shaju guju... as far back as i remember.. but then again i was inclined on getting married back then... one of my earliest memories include... me wearing laal shari with white dots of cream all over my face and telling my parents, "ami shoshur bari jai ga...". lolz
what r u complaining about ishi, ur house is full of girls! u two sisters, aunty and fupi. okay, aunty might not be willing to join in, but come on, fupi and anika is there! think about me! oboshso i dress up with ma... hehe. kichudin age amar mon khub kharap chilo... ma was trying to cheer me up.. we ended up wearing shari together. :D. that was fun. :-).

10:39 pm

Blogger Emu said...

maaan, i really don't fall under the category of "emu = emu when she functions normally". I try to get ammu to dress up, which she does with little hassel. but when it comes to me dressing up, most of the time we both end up going in flames.

lolz - "ami shoshur bari jai ga..."; very cute, indeed.

12:08 am

Blogger Emu said...

ps - freaky thing, this handshaking business. when we went to bd, i was almost about to pay about 2/3 times more to make a fone call. that was the closest to 'baddies' experience i had, alhamdulillah.

12:12 am

Blogger Em said...

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10:38 am

Blogger Em said...

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10:40 am

Blogger HijabiPrincess said...

hahahhahahahhaa. had a good laugh @ em's shopping list. hhahaha. how is deshi polauer chal different? or tej pata for that matter? i would rather go to bd for halim than wasting my plane fare on halim mix! actually, i will bring some food inshallah. but they will be limited to 10 different types of achar, amshotto and ful pitha (i love that pitha!).

12:03 pm

Blogger Em said...

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1:19 pm

Blogger flynn.t said...

Friendly customs?? From what I've heard customs here are worse than in the US. Hmm... actually, I wouldn't know- I've never been out of Aus. OMG- I haven't actually gone out of Aus, since I landed here :S !!

My list: DVD's... SnowMan MUST bring the DVD's I want. A laptop (for me, not Ash) would have been good, but I don't want a dodgy one from BD, I'll just save up to get one from here... shouldn't be too hard to save up 3-5 grand, right? Ummm... my Mum insists that I'll need some kameez & stuff, but I'm not that worried... if she wants to spend for me, then I'm not one to complain ;).

Ok- like, how LAME is that?? You lot are on about FOOD??? As if we're lacking food??
And I must add, rice (no matter what flavours they add to it)- is NOT Flynn's thing! EEEWWWW- I canNOT believe people eat it 3 time a day- I choke if I see it 3 time a WEEK!
Sheesh, there's a whole world of food available at your fingertips, and you lot want this acha and biriyani stuff!

PS- Ishi, I'll call you sometime next week, so we can discuss why u didn't wait up for me on Friday! (y'know- I was rushing to catch the early train for you, but then I got your SMS... so Shay, Jan & I had lunch).
And I missed Kid-Nid/Hablu as well!! Soooo disappointed...

PPS- sorry about the HUGE comment, but seeing as I'm FREE....

3:09 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

em: u can get radhuni haleem mix here, hehe :P. And u no what, teltela bd food not good *shakes head*

Deshi polau er chaal :S:S:S:S, what? Is there a difference? Tej pata :S:S:S By the way we got sent am shotto from desh as well :P

hp: at least ppl want to dress up with u. No1 wants 2 dress up with me. Is it really that bad an experience? Ami ki etoi bidghute dekhte? *sob sob*, lol.

R we to dress up 2 that party? I was gonna show up in my pyjamas :P Na seriously, what r u guys wearing when u mean dress up???

emu: I can so picture a dressing up session at ur place, LOL, poor aunty!!! :P

flynn: Did u get Nahid's flower? Call her 2 say thanx. She'll be so happy getting a call from u ;)

3:41 pm

Blogger Em said...

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4:31 pm

Blogger Emu said...

"u kno u'r a bangali when u bring the following from overseas:
- gura moshla (approx. 1.5 kg) - including jira, dhoina, morich, holud gura)
- lachchha shemai
- tetul and boroi achar (don't know about the tetul, but boroi wasn't that good)
- radhuni halim mix (didn't taste better than Shan)
- cha pata - ground tea leaves (gift form the store cos he bought so much moshla)
- a nice mug from another store (again, a gift from another store)
- some special dal-er gura for ilish machh (?)"
that's all the food stuff abbu brought. oh yes, there was also the jolpai-er achar, which i'm banned from touching cos i finished almost half of it.

wow, flynn, 3-5 grand... i'd b ecstatic over one worth 2 grand. just fyi, if they'r from well-known companies, laptops most likely won't be dodgy, just cheaper. but beta to be on the safe side. but u can skip paying the tax for ur laptop if u buy it 3 mnths b4 going over seas.

em, u'r scaring emu. what do/did u study? - Bachelor of Rice Management? porimito khaoa bujhlam; but porimito khaoa with otirikto tel?

deshi or bideshi, food is good; especially flynn's date cakes and la bell.

4:59 pm

Blogger HijabiPrincess said...

hahhahahhaha how did u get urself to produce that elaborated analogy of "polaoer chal" em??? hahahhaha. hahahhaa. okay, yeah i know the difference, bashmoti isnt like kalijira... but never thought that was big enough issue to lobby about. :S.
flynn: I got a long list of (pirated) DVD and CD to buy. My bro got a laptop for 1.5 grand, apparently thats one of the good ones so you will be cool with something like that. Wait for the end of the financial year sale. I am willing to buy a second hand one for the time being. Coming back from bd inshallah...
Aus has the crappiest policy on food... you r not allowed to get anything that is uncooked... so my poor parents r nearly dying from chepa-shutki-deprivation-syndrome. I love shukna boroi, but they r not to be brought. :(. Hahahaha just remembered the saddest story. When my boro mama came to sydney, my poor nanu gave some good "balish" with him for my poor ma who couldnt have enough sleep in these "bideshi-balish-shokto-flat". Apparently those balishes had this seeds inside them and ahem... customes charged us a precarious $200 for getting them tested and released. Those balishes were never retrieved fromt the customs villains.

A few days ago, we got another bill of $200 coz apparently some one was trying to parcel "lau shak" in our address. Later on we found out it was my mums dear bro from england trying to impress mum with a surprise gift of lau shak!

10:04 pm

Blogger flynn.t said...

"Bachelor of Rice Management"
That's my new MSN nick!! FOR SURE!!

And HP: lau shak! ??????

OK- ULTIMATE BANGALI CLASSICS!! But the Bachelor of Rice Management tops it! Only EMU could ever think of something like it!


10:27 pm

Blogger Emu said...

flynn: lau=kodu
hmm, does anyone know the english of lau?

12:01 am

Blogger Em said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4:10 am

Blogger HijabiPrincess said...

well u scared me with ur "bottle gourd" vocab. How did something so simple and yum get such a hedious name??
Don't worry, the $400 was to be the charge of retrieving the lau shak and balish... We could choose not to retreive them, in which case they would just dump them. Alhamdulillah we were smart enough to let them go for the customs officers to enjoy and save the 400 bucks. :-).

10:37 am

Blogger ashes2ashes said...

You guys are too hilarious...LOL! A whole conversation on Bangali cuisine- congrats guys! Seriously, emu...where do u come up with these names? "Bachelor of Rice Management"? Even me-mom was laughing!
P.S. Lemme just say one thing- this is to em...don't know why you like polaer-chal. We have an absolutely brilliant uncle here who loooves to cook biryani for us with that chal- I swear if it wasn't for the chal, his cooking would be a hundred time better! I don't know what you see in it! I agree with Flynn- bangali food is way too over-rated amongst bangalis! Some people won't even touch other types of food!
P.S. girls...yes, you gals are all dressing up in saaris. Happy now?
P.P.S bottle gourd, what-the? I mean- for heaven's sake!!
P.P.P.S to HP: "ami shoshur bari jai"????- another classic :P! Must spread this little bit of news now! LOL!!!
P.P.P.P.S. People- do you realise that all this talk of shopping is making me miserable? I won't be able to shop to my heart's content in BD this year- I'm on a ultra-tight budget. D*** ANU! There I was...dreaming of strolling through countless shopping malls...well, I can still do that- except I won't be able to buy much :(!!!

7:12 pm

Blogger Emu said...

great. *ahem* ... bottle gourd, yes, ok. so now it's "jei lau, shei bottle gourd". (aaaaaahahahahaha, i kill myself ... *sniffs & wipes away tears of laughter*)

ur porimito khawa with otirikto tel explanation was scarier than bottle gourd. had to read it twice for it to register. made sense, but i was talking about the extra, ie. otirikto, tel being used. ki ar kora, dotana-r modhdhe pore thaki ... (must excuse me if i don't make sese. the "country downunder" is getting hot, which doesn't agree with me poor head).

hp, what's wrong with australia's lau shak? shak is shak. lolz at "ami shoshur bari jaiga". me mum cracked up.

bangali food is way too over-rated amongst bangalis! Some people won't even touch other types of food! - soooooo true ash! i once made a lovely, bon apatit type pasta salad with raw zuccini and i got such a reaction from my family! mother dear took out the zuccini and put 'em in my plate, which i was fine with cos i loooove raw zuccini.

4:43 pm

Blogger flynn.t said...

I give up!! This Banglish is waaaay too hard for me. I mean, what the...??? What on earth is this promitito or something?? And ever time I read "tel" I think "tel", as in "telephone" or as in the "telly" (telivision).

PS- Ishi, the solver of all problems... huryy up & finish your exams! My problems are only getting WORSE!!! Yipes. I HATE glue & sticky situations! Oh what a mess!

6:54 pm


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