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Saturday, November 05, 2005

My Pigs!

Salams again ppls,

Introducing............................................ (actually most of u no em :P)

My pigs! The 4 most adorable guinea pigs in the UNIVERSE!

Blackie - the mum

Cheeky - the dad

Speedy - the older sis

Blinky - the youngest and fattest sis

I love these things soooo much! Actually I'm a joke 2 some ppl coz i do, lol. Amader bashai all us girls love cheeky. Ammu thinks thats because he's the only guy, lol. Actually, he's the most interactive with any1 so naturally we all ador him the most :P. But the reas of em are cute too, each with their own personality subhanallah! Anyways, feeling like posting up a lot 2day so yeah :D


Blogger »|n|i|r|a|« said...

Haven't seen the cute little fellas in ages!

6:17 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

lol, ekhon oder ja obostha! Bhotka hoite hoite OMG. Sadia thought they were rabbits. I had to work HARD to explain to her that they werent rabbits but g-pigs.

10:42 pm

Blogger eccentric_human said...

I ws wondering what d hell are u doing with PIGS!
OK, can anyone tell me WHY IN EARTH were they named PIGS?? (g hok ar jai hok, PIGS keno????)
they are sooo cute-they dont sound like pigs at all!!

5:15 am

Blogger Chimichanga said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:25 am

Blogger flynn.t said...

lol!! They're her adorable & fluffy guinea pigs.... and it was just naturally shortened to PIGS. And plus, they eat like pigs, so they're all fat little fluffs... lol- only kidding, Ishi.

9:20 am

Blogger Bump said...

i demand a better pic of blackie. u can hardly c her

3:41 pm

Blogger Chimichanga said...

oh I like this template WAY better!

4:04 pm

Blogger ashes2ashes said...

they are ADORABLE!

5:10 pm

Blogger flynn.t said...

I like Speedy. He has red eyes, but he has a cheesy name... change the name & he will be the perfect pet (but not for me, I'm not a pet person).

PS- Bump, yo should see Leila's cat- she's soooo beautiful, MashaAllah, but about as active as a can of baked beans! Yet, it's fluffy... and sooo adorable, MashaAllah... kind of like Speedy, but less fat :P... more whiskers and a fluffy (long) tail.

9:58 pm

Blogger Chimichanga said...

Yes! Speedy has this "go-bechara bhaab" in her (? or his) face!

11:24 pm

Blogger HijabiPrincess said...

i am just not a pet person. he he. they r adorable i know. and ishi sqeezes and annoys them i saw. ishi is such a bad mother to them-- these guyz are getting obese (going beyond obesity now) but ishi keeps feeding them. lolz.

10:22 am

Blogger »|n|i|r|a|« said...

oh yeah station-e giye ghash kata...and how come you don't visit my blog eh?

11:45 am

Blogger -iishii- said...

EH: lol, dont worry, shobai bhoi pai when i call em pigs. Kintu Guinea Pigs bolte beshi shomoi nei and u no ami khub olosh, haha.

Flynn and HP: No need to joke, i agree, they're too fat kintu when u dont give em food they start crying (seriously, loudly squeaking and whining) so we all give in 2 them and feed them. I no we shudnt but can u believe even ABBU gives in, perhaps even more than us girls!

By the way, flynn, Speedy is a girl! ahem! Cheeky (the white one) is the only guy, the rest are females.

Emu: Blackie has some bigger pix kintu she isn't fotogenic @ all! In one pic anika thinx she looks like a posessed demon, lol. In real life she's a lot cuter than in the foto. But this was the best 1 i cud find.

PA: U got it rite, Speedy is a girl. Flynn doesnt understand if i rite "Speedy-the older sis" it means she's female, lol. And i like this template better too! :D

Nira apu: U no what happens when i try 2 go 2 ur blog? Because our braodband usage gets used up so fast, the internet gets really slow. And ur site is quite fancy masha Allah :D so it takes a LONG time to upload. So i hardly ever get to go on. When i do go on koshto kore, it takes a much longer time to post a comment. Insha Allah I will go on and comment soon :) ami to post gula pori just comment korte gele the comp slows down :(.

1:05 pm

Blogger eccentric_human said...

lol.. amader deshe manush na kheye more. ar tumi tomar PIG der khawaite khawaite motka banaccho..

3:39 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

Ammu sez the EXACT same thing! well, orato ar bhat mangsho khay na, ora khay ghash so there seems 2 be quite a HUGE supply of it so y not feed them? LOL.

3:41 pm

Blogger flynn.t said...

Male, female... what's the big difference? As far as I'm concerned... they're all fluff-balls, fat fluff-balls that eat a lot :P.
But you're right- I've never heard of a human eating grass... so the pigs may as well eat them.

9:12 pm

Blogger Em said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10:42 am

Blogger -iishii- said...

OMG, theres people who eat grass?!?! I saw some drinks like that in "New Zealand Naturals" but it wasn't the normal grass we see in our backyard but it was some sort of special herbal grass. But wow, manush ghash o khai? That IS something new!

11:42 am

Blogger flynn.t said...

Actually, manush jodi pata (eg- shak) khete pare, then why not grass?? It's all part of the Chlorophyll family if you ask me.

And when have I EVER done my homework?... Speaking of which- I think I hear Ishi & Ash yelling at me: "TC!! Shouldn't you be studying now??"

Errmmm... yes sure... of course :D
Studying: Talk about a foreign concept!

12:13 pm

Blogger Emu said...

it's wheat grass. and apparantly it's extremely healthy, and therefore extremely expensive ... at least that's what i heard. they sell it in the city in some restaurants.

and why on earth am i blogging on eid day? bcos my sis is at uni, the boy is studying, and parents are sleeping...yup, that's my family. oh and the cat, the poor, exhausted cat, is ... wait ... licking herself cool just outside my bedroom door. i'm spending eid with my cat. very disturbing indeed.

...anyways, just thought i'd share this little info with everyone.

2:28 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

Dont worry flynn, Studying is a foreign concept 4 me too! I havent studied a SINGLE bit during stuvac! Pass korlei chole, lol. Insha Allah i will get at least a pass tho. Tar niche paile khobor ase!

Dont worry emu, i spent the eid @ home too after returing from our little trip. It was so hot i didnt even wanna go out with abbu ammu @ the end!

11:12 am

Blogger Chimichanga said...

I don't know if I should reveal it here. When I was in fourth grade, three of my friends and myself used to EAT grass. WE found the tender ones and ate. BEcause we had to wait for our older sisters for more than an hour after school and we didn't have anything better to do, we tried experiencing the COW-hood. It didn't taste all that bad and I am still ALIVE!

11:29 am

Blogger flynn.t said...

LOL!! COW-hood! Yet another MSN-nick -in-the-making.. thankye muchly, PA :D

EMU!! YOU DOLT!! You could have come over to my place! All it takes is a train ride... or you could have gone to Ishi's (since it's closer)... I knew your SMS scared me for a reason.

3:06 pm

Blogger Bump said...

hey man, 30deg+, 15 min walk to my station. and i wud have been sleeping past ur station cos of the heat. but not to worry. i plan to travel next eid iA, if i can't pick up the spirit of my home with my immaturity.

PA: COW-HOOD!!! LOL!!! i like. wonder what flynn's next msn nick wud b...

8:05 pm

Blogger flynn.t said...

That's it- I don't care if Aus has it's own MENSA... I'm starting the Cow-hood soc.

Emu- you're the first member... and of course, Flynn is the Vice President. The President-ship hhas to fall on PA, since Cow-hood was her idea.
Hmm.... I just need to formulate a constitution & activities for us cow-hoo people...
I know! If you suggest, you can join the club!

Note: Hope you all realise I've gone a tad bonkers... what with exams coming up and all.

4:29 pm

Blogger Emu said...

suggestion for constitution and activities: (1 and only) LET"S CHEW THE CUD!!!

and flynn, HIT THE BOOKS!!!

5:26 pm

Blogger flynn.t said...

Yes Mummy, I'm going now...

5:31 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

PA, tumi ghash kheyecho??? Actually I never ate grass, but when i was little I ate dirt and concrete and the closest i have been to cowhood is eating clovers when i was little. But never grass. Ei je ppl of the cowhood society, what do u plan as some of ur activities and events. How about, an annual grass eating contest or do u wanna make it bi-monthly? Or even better monthly? Ar ki korar plan apnader, ektu shuni???? :P

11:18 am

Blogger flynn.t said...

We can't just chew grass!! We have to analyse it's nutritious value, and someone MUST get a PhD on GRASS!!
hehe- maybe we should all ask Ash (really nicely) to get that PhD... she fits the criterion: sceince/virus/bug- freak & almost finished her undergrad.

How cool- PA, as president, you don't have to lift a finger! I'll recruit all the members, and allocate specific jobs to each :D

... or maybe I should just go and study.

3:01 pm

Blogger Chimichanga said...

you crazy FRUITS!
All right, we need to work on our by-laws and constitution for the International Society for Experiencing COW-hood. Do you think we should make it like free for all, or try to make profit off of it i.e. charge a membership fee? That money could be our funding for research and stuff, you know? How many members do we have initially?

That's all for now. I am swamped with *stuff to do* but I am like Flynn! But do not forget, we need to do come up with an original constitution!

3:21 am

Blogger Emu said...

I should fit right in in this society, what with my 'moo-ing' and all.

btw, i ain't paying no fees except in grass.

5:27 pm


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