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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Life since my last post...

Assalamualaikum 2 every1,

I know it's been 48 days since I last wrote but I dont know what came over me, I've been so out of it. But its not like nothing has been happening around me. So much has been happening. Here's a quick summary:
  • On the day the heat reached 45 degrees here (hottest in more than 60 years) 2 of my guinea pigs died of heat stroke (blackie and blinky).
  • All the YMSA girls except emu, flynn, daggy, sumaiya and me are in BD so we've been working hard 2 arrange the annual Islamic Program 4 the girls in the Campbelltown area.
  • Our dearest Munira apu, Afifa Apu and Tahnia Apu are now married women alhamdulillah. I was just speaking 2 emu last night and telling her how happy I was 4 all of them. Ami khushite onek kedechi when I thought abt how lucky and happy they r alhamdulillah. We are all making dua 4 u sisters insha Allah.
  • I got offered to do honours, an extra fourth year, in Political Economy alhamdulillah. Abbu ammu are over the moon and I dont wanna do it because political economy isnt my thing. But honours is something u get offered, u dont choose. So my options are limited. Amar jonno dua rakhba shobai please!
  • Remember Probasy, the grp raising funds for acid victims in BD? We have a lot more things coming up so we are having more meetings. At the coming boi mela amra jhal muri and other snacks sell korbo insha Allah. The good thing is they dont have stalls in any melas BUT the boi mela. And since boi mela te beshir bhaag manhush i hoche uncle aunty ra or family ra (minimal bachelors or FOBs!) i think its the best venue we can get all year for a stall, even tho it may not be superb.
  • Those of you who went to Beverly Hills Girls, u remember Tayeba, right? Do u remember her younger sister Nayla? She looked exactly like tayeba but taller. Tayeba called me yesterday and gave me the news that Nayla passed away the day before from a heart attack. Inna lillhi wa inna ilaihi rajee'un. She was 16 years old and never had any symptoms or records of heart problems. And what was more was that the day she had the heart attack was to be a happy day for the family because their mum, who had been diagnosed with breast cancer several months ago, just finished her last session of chemotherapy. But when they got home, they had to face another tragedy. I ask u all to please sincerely make dua for this family and for Nayla's soul in the qabr and akhirah insha Allah. Kalke raate ami onek khon dhore ammur kole boshe kadlam. Khub kharap lagche guys. Things like this makes us realise how feeble we are and anything cud happen 2 any1 at anytime. So we shud always be prepared 4 the meeting with our Lord insha Allah. May Allah (SWT) guide us all and let us not die unless we are in a state of true imaan. Ameen.

I know Daggy has passed the baton thingo 2 me so I hafta put up a post on that. Insha Allah I'll do that sometime soon. Ajke icha korche na.

All u sisters take care insha Allah. May Allah (SWT) be with u all not only now but always. Ameen.


Blogger Flying Daggers said...

OMG - when did it reach 45 degrees?? no way thats horrible - both the fact that ur guinea pigs died and that it was that hot and i didnt even realise it ... must have slept the whole day!!

oh and thats really sad what happened to tayeba and her family ... wow - thats horrible news - i have no idea wat to say - cept that i shall make duaa for them ...

5:14 pm

Blogger ashes2ashes said...

Commiserations, dear ishi- you must have been terribly upset when your guinea pigs passed away.

Shall see you soon and we all check your blog regularly for updates.

3:42 pm

Blogger Chimichanga said...

aaah welcome back!

4:47 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

Jazakallah all of u 4 ur comments. Hey Tea Biscuit, I wanna visit ur blog but cant. Can u please email me ur url again???

10:35 am


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