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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The baton... (and my poor poor brain!)

Alrite, Dags passed the baton thingo 2 me a while ago and oitar bhoye ami post kora aro komiye dilam. But alas, I shall use all of my everdying brain cells to answer some of these questions.

10 years ago:
OK, How old was I then? Hmmm??? 19 - 10 = ... Wheres my calculator, lol. Ok, so I was 9. It was my 2nd year in NZ, the year we moved from Auckland to Dunedin. Auckland was great, I was 8 when we arrived there. And since my family never really sticks to one place for too long, we were out of there in 11 months! Not even a year. When we were in Auckland, we were something like the 4th or 5th Bangali family there. It was so peaceful, until the new fleet arrived from BD. I remember that there were 2 groups amongst the Bangali's: "Association" and "Society". I think it was a political division, and each grp had their own circles and even organised their own functions and cultural programs. Oooooh, I cant 4get, I used 2 sing then. I had my own harmonium and I used 2 always be invited 2 the functions of both groups 2 sing. I remember at one of the functions i got into a HUGE fight with my sister in the kitchen. Other uncles and aunties had 2 break us up. Abbu ammu were sooooooo embarassed!

The move 2 Dunedin was good. Once again, we were the 2nd Bengali family there. After after us came the new fleet from BD. Why do Bangali's always follow us!!!!! In Auckland the school i went to was officially labelled as the worst school in the city (at one stage some student had stole the principals briefcase!!). In Dunedin the school i went to was the most Multicultural one in town and it was a great school. I'll never 4get it! Lunchtimes were spent swinging on monkey bars, playing "1,2,3 Home", having races and playing other games in the field. It was so fun!!!

5 years ago:
Ok, by now I'm 15 right? Wait, 19 - 5 = 14. Ok, I was 14, close enuff. I remember that year so clearly! It was one of the worst and best years of my life. We moved from Dunedin, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia. Let me mention, while we were in Dunedin (for 5 years) we moved houses 4 times! And when we arrived in Sydney, our moving habit was still very much alive. The year we arrived in Sydney, we moved 4 times (within that 1 year!). Ammu, my sis and I came 2 sydney. Abbu was in Tasmania for work. He came much later. The circumstances under which we came were quite sad. I remember always wishing that abbu cud be with us. But alhamdulillah he came later. I enrolled at Randwick Girls High School. That year I made a few friends whom I can never 4get and who I still have contact with alhamdulillah. Some inlude: Progga, Nahid and Zuhrat.

We also went to Bangladesh that year, for the first time in 6 years. But once again it was just my sis, ammu and me. But nevertheless, BD was a good experience, not always fun, but i learnt loads abt life and the different types of people in the world.

It was also during this year that i put the hijab on. Me and Nahid started wearing it 2getha alhamdulillah. But I wasnt too serious abt it. But in that year I also changed schools, to Beverly Hills Girls High School (because we moved houses AGAIN!). And here I met some new friends who I wish to remain friends with 4ever insha Allah. These frends at Bevo taught me what hijaab actually means. My transformation started then alhamdulillah.

Middle School:
In NZ, middle school is intermediate school. My School was called Dunedin North Intermediate School (DNI for short). I was a Loser with a capital L. Honestly, I remember being the biggest tryhard there was. Maybe thats y I never really had any true friends in NZ. I was a terrible terrible person then and I was involved in certain illegal activities (wont mention anything here). I put my parents thru hell during that time and i pray that Allah (SWT) 4gives me 4 my stupidity then insha Allah. Its quite funny actually, one of my frends from DNI who lives in sydney now bumped into me in a mall. And she was so shocked 2 c that I had become relgious! She was speechless, literally! Like I was the last person she expected to see religious, lol.

5 Bands and Artists:
U no wat? I've been thinking abt this recently so much: there are so many people gifted in singing. Only if they used their talents for the sake of Islam! I dont have any fave singers or bands. I like all sorts of nasheeds and i admire the singers for using their talents for the good of the Muslim ummah. Some of these singers include: Sami Yusuf, Zain Bhikha, Dawud Wharsby Ali, Native Deen, Raihan, Yusuf Islam.

But there are other singers whose voice I really like and I pray that one day Allah (SWT) brings them over to the side of Islam and their talents can be utilized to benefit the Muslim Ummah insha Allah. I wont mention any names but there are many young people in BD who can cause Islamic Revival by just promoting Islamic Entertainment. Many already have the fame and now if they start using it 4 the sake of Allah (SWT) to bring Islam to the masses, insha Allah it will be a great great blessing!

5 Things I'd do with £100,000,000:
Firstly, eto taka amar jibone hobe na, unless a handsome rich guy falls in love with me and wants to marry me, lol. So u can c, its highly unlikely. Kintu jodi somehow eto takay hat pore, tahole:
  1. I'd pay off all my parents loans and send them 2 hajj.
  2. Buy a nice little cottage near a lake (and a good neighbourhood) and a cute little car.
  3. Donate to YMSA and other good Islamic Organisations.
  4. (OK, some of u will slap me 4 saying this) Get Hair Transplants and braces.
  5. All the rest of the money I would give in aid to Muslim Countries in need. Not just for aid but for Islamic Development. (But before that i'd give a lot of money 2 poorer family members in BD or anywhere else who needs assistance).

5 Places I would run away to:

Ok, when u mention running away, I wouldnt go 2 any persons place. When i'm in my "running away" mood, I like being alone. Kaoke dekhle oder chool tene chire felte icha kore, lol. So 2 run away, I have a few ideal places in mind.

  • Any isolated beach where I'm the only person at sunrise or sunset and pray there. (Amar na shundor scenic jaiga dekhlei oikhane namaj porte icha kore).
  • A scenic lookout at the top of a mountain from where if u look down u c the entire city (on a windy night when u can hear the trees moving), and I'm the only person there.
  • A nice park in a scening setting with swings, slides, monkey bars and many more kiddy rides. I wanna be all alone there hogging all the rides, especially the swings!
  • A HUGE empty road (scening setting of course!) where I can walk alone by myself without any1 staring at me or making comments.
  • BD'r je kono gram er khet e ba empty land e giye boshe thaktam eka eka if I felt like running away.

5 things I like doing:

  1. Getting 2getha with friends and hanging out for AGES!!! Even Talking on the fone or chatting on msn with them 4 ages.
  2. Reading (I'm very picky abt what I read though)
  3. Spending LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of time with ammu, abbu and my sis Anika.
  4. Talking
  5. Going to nice scenic places alone (as u mite have guessed)

5 things I will never wear:

  • Tight Jeans (eeeeeeeewwwwwwww, OK Flynn and Dags has called me a FOB b4 but I am not THAT much of a FOB!!!)
  • U no the fashion that was "in" a while ago? When people wore bootlike shoes (that came up 2 the knees) over their pants? Ok, that I shall NEVER EVER wear. I DETEST that look!
  • Ketketa bright colours (fluoro stuff).
  • A wig or a fake bun (i.e. khopa)
  • Anything that makes me too too fat.

5 Movies I like:

  • A walk to Remember
  • Skeleton Key
  • Black
  • LOTR
  • All Harun Yahya DVD's (theyre absolutely AWESOME!!!)

5 People I'd like to meet:

  • Prophet Muhammad (SAS) - even if it is in a dream!
  • Prophet Musa (AS)
  • Prophet Isa (AS)
  • Aasiyah, the wife of Firawn!!!!
  • Khadijah, wife of prophet (SAS)

Ok theres one person I wanna meet, but its 4 a stupid reason. I have been told by many people that i look exactly like her so I really wanna meet Api Kareem one day.

5 biggest joys at the moment:

  • No Uni! Still Holidays!
  • YMSA - the girls and the programs.
  • Still living with my stupendous family :-D and alhamdulillah they are all healthy and alive.
  • LOST returns 2nite!!!!!! YAY!!!! I have been waiting ALL holidays!!!!
  • The greatest bunch of friends any1 cud ever have!!!

OK, I feel like I wrote an essay. If u've bothered to read up till here I honestly admire ur patience. 2 phrases 4 u: Masha Allah and Jazakallah :-D

Now I have 2 pass the baton thingo on dont I? OK, I shall pass 2 HP and Eccentric Human. Get started u guys. It took me quite some time 2 rite this!


Blogger Emu said...

10 yrs ago:
- woohoo!!! go food fight!!!

5 yrs ago:
- woohoo!!! go bevo!!!

- *shifty eyes* ... abt the illegal stuff.
- btw, what's a middleschool?

5 bands and artists:
- woohoo!!! Islamic rap!!! rap on sista!!!

- is that really £ not $?
- slap, slap, slap and five times over.

Places to run away to:
- consider taking the lyrics for "Ami eka, boro eka".

Like doing:
- we can see that you really do love talking.

Never wear:
- woohoo!!! go the FOBs!!!.....
Who said that??!!!

5 Movies:
- *blink blink*

5 People to meet:
- *blink blink*

5 Biggest Joys:
- woohoo!!! go holidays and YMSA!!!
- Lost: you're obsessed girly.

...I take my leave...

8:01 pm

Blogger Flying Daggers said...

who the heck's Api Kareem??

And u - illegal stuff?? WOW - the whole world turned upside down ... or maybe im just really tired - lol!!

11:58 pm

Blogger HijabiPrincess said...

if anyone has ever intended to stalk and spy out everything about you, he is a loser since your whole lifestory is just there with one click of the mouse. good on ya girl!
btw, clothes dont make you fat, food does. :-)

6:04 am

Blogger Chimichanga said...

yeah, who is Api Kareem? I think I heard that name somewhere, but I don't know. My guess is somewhere in the Bangladeshi movie/natok stuff.

1:40 am

Blogger -iishii- said...

lol, u ppl r funny. Havent u seen "Ekanno Borti"? She is the one who plays sheuli in it. Ring any bells?

Tea Biscuit, I need 2 know the URL for ur blog. Can u please email it 2 me? :-D

10:23 am

Blogger Flying Daggers said...

ummm - well then who eva said that u look like her is blind!! lol - its just that u dont look anything lik her ... OR maybe im blind and saw the wrong natok??

6:30 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

lol, i dont know whether 2 feel somplimented or insulted dags, but I'll say thanx anyway.

9:31 am

Blogger Flying Daggers said...

Api Kareem is alright looking - better than most bangali actresses ... but im not saying ur ugly - so i guess u can take it as a "sompliment" if u want!!

7:32 pm

Blogger Emu said...

haha!!! i thought "hmmm, sompliment ... new word; must look it up". eeehehehehe!!!!..........hmmm, mercy!

11:53 pm

Blogger Flying Daggers said...

ur so easily amused emu!!!

4:23 pm

Blogger :_AnoNymUs_: said...

hey...!! o was laughing my head off too when i saw 'sompliment'!!

10:03 pm

Blogger Flying Daggers said...

lol - alright ... i'll back of slowly (or maybe faster would be better!!) ... before u all decide to pounce on me!!!

10:56 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

ehhh, what? u thought "sompliment" was funny??? lol, i'm sorry but I'm with flynn on this 1, u guys ARE easily amused :P

9:25 am

Blogger *-Miha-* said...

u do look like api kareem. and hey i would run away to 5 places like that too if i were to ever run away lol.

9:47 am

Blogger Emu said...

i'd go for amazon ... but with a guide of course.

11:41 am

Blogger Flying Daggers said...

"i'm sorry but I'm with flynn on this 1, u guys ARE easily amused"

AHEM!!! *clears throat loudly" it was not flynn who wrote that it was me!! and by me i mean dagz ... how dare u confuse ME with flynn!!

7:24 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

sorry sorry, my bad... wont happen again :-) I can c y u wud be insulted by being confused with flynn, i'd feel the same way, lol, jks!

10:33 am

Blogger flynn.t said...

Flynn hasn't completely disappeared off the face of the digital domain!!

4:29 pm

Blogger flynn.t said...

Brain!! BRACES???!!!

Does anyone else find that unusual in the slightest.
If you get braces, your
photogenic-ness will go right down the gurgler.

4:30 pm

Blogger Emu said...

true that, flynn. i can imagine! no more of that shiny toothpaste ad smiles!!!

4:16 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

hahaha, i dont need braces, i need plates which is fitted on the inside of ur mouth, so u wont be able 2 c it insha Allah ;-) So dont worry, u guys wont be suffering from a lack of iishii smiles or poses :-D

10:00 am


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