All Hearts are dead except those with knowledge... All those with knowledge are asleep except those who perform good actions... All those who perform good actions are deceived except those with sincerity... And all those with sincerity are in a constant state of anxiety... [Imam Shafi'i]

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

At last ... a normal post!

Assalamualaikum ppl,
I c you've all gotten sick of the little tests i put up (which mite i mention were put up because I was too lazy to write an actual post!), so i decided that it is time that I actually post up something... well... normal, if u can call it that, hmmm....

Ok, so what have I been up to? Let me think. I warn you, beware, this might bore you to sleep!

Ok, lets start with 10 August:
I had so much planned. I was going to visit my school with none other than flynn shaheb. Shokale early uthlam, koto plan niye! I love visiting skool - so many memories (both good and bad). Well, I was quite excited. I got dressed nicely (normally my fashion sense is super dorky!) and was even planning to have lunch from the skool canteen (they have the ymmiest halal foods there and its cheap too - stupid uni food is such a rip-off!). Well, right before I left home for uni, I get an sms from dear flynn. Ki shundor kore bole, je I have problems at home 2day, cant cum 2 skool. Amar to raage matha gorom (OK thats an exhaggeration, ami jokhon raege jai, beshi raag korte parina). I sms flynn bak, telling her off in bangla. I said to her "apni bashay boshe boshe hawa khan!". In the train, i get an sms bak from the haba saying that she didnt understand anything i said! She goes "whats 'hawa khan'?". Are pagol, what do u think? Amar chachar nam? Ar ki hote pare, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, after that flynn er upor shob raag kome gelo. Her habluness got the better of me. After all, we are the Beverly Hills Hablu Group of 2004 eh flynn?

What else? Well, we had a forum arranged by the Muslim society and the Christian society - pretty much it was a freindly debate. Well, it was supposed to be. The topic was something along the lines of "Humanity is in desperate need for revivlal. Who can provide it: Islam or Christianity". The Muslim speaker spoke very respectfully and didnt criticise christianity at all. He merely answered the question and discussed what Islam could offer for the revival of humanity. But the Christian speaker began his speech with criticisms of Islam so hostile that even the christian audience were shockingly disapproving his words! He brought out many ayahs from the Quran and took it out of context to support his claims. He even made a slideshow labelled "Muhammad vs. Jesus". It was actually kind of sad because we would never dream of saying bad things about Jesus (peace be upon him) but this speaker did not have an ounce of respect for Muhammad (peace be upon him). But I guess it doesnt matter does it? Allah (SWT) had respect for him and so do all true Muslims. But overall the forum was quite interesting. i have never been to an interfaith dialogue before. So for a first time experience, it was quite exciting.

OK, this post is turning out to be quite long. I'll just talk about one last thing. Last week, my sis was so sik that she missed all 5 days of skool. Bechari, i felt so bad for her. I even skipped uni one day to look after her and came home earlier other days to stay with her. Ami koto bhalo tai na, lol, jokes =P. Well, u can guess what happened after that? Spending so much time with her, I got sik! Thanda, kashi, jor, matha betha, u mention it, i had it. Except for getting sik(alhamdulillah I didnt throw up or anything) I had a few bad symptoms. Well, alhamdulillah i feel much better now.

Before I leave I just wanted to request something from u guys. U all know Brother Ahmed Deedat i hope. He has done some AMAZING works on comparitive religion masha Allah. It has been known for some time now that he was quite ill and was hospitalized. Well, he passed away on 8 August 2005, just around 2 weeks ago. Inna lillahe wa inna ilaihe rajee'un. I request u all to make u sincerest dua's for this brother. Insha Allah, Allah will grant him into Jannah for his work in the path of His deen. Ameen.

Brother Ahmed Deedat has certainly left behind a legacy which will be very hard to live up to. May Allah help us all strive to seek knowledge of Islam as he did. Ameen.


Blogger flynn.t said...

I still don't get this "hawa khan" thing. You didn't explain it to me before, and you have yet to explain... can anyone else shed some light on what has become a bone of contention for me?? Seriously, who/what is "hawa khan"?

10:14 pm

Blogger flynn.t said...

PS- Looking forward to IAW, but with some trepidation and caution... not too much zeal, given what what I've witnessed i the pre-IAW Forum. Hope people accept the "I don't know" I'll be dishing out as the answer to a majority of the questions. Hmm... should probably endeavour to gain more knowledge instead, eh?

10:17 pm

Blogger flynn.t said...

PPS- We need another Br. Ahmed Deedat, esp now- given current situation. (A sad loss for us, but we should all be making du'a).

11:38 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

Good idea flynn: more knowledge is definately needed, esp b4 IAW. So go 4 it!

And the phrase "bashay boshe boshe hawa khan" literally means sit and home and eat air (i.e. do nothing). If u were to translate it 2 english it would mean something like "sit at home and twiddle ur thumbs". Get it now? Its not a name.

10:54 am

Blogger »|n|i|r|a|« said...

wow! lots of information...thanks...we're praying for br Deedat.

10:53 am


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