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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Horror @ Uni

Salams every1,

Uni started this week and OMG! So much work. Last semester was such a bludge that I thought things wud be the same now, but wow, i was so shocked after the first day that I made a study time table for myself at once and then planned on following it. So far it isnt going very well, but insha Allah I shall start soon.

How is every1? Onek din dhore blog korina and every1 else has also abandoned their blogs. Hey ppl, I dont like the template. But y duz every1's comp stuff up with other nicer templates on my site? Uff, thats so annoying.

Well, guess wat? The uncle that was living with us rented a house and left so now the comp room is free to use whenevr i want, unless Anika gets to it first.

After finding out Krispy Kremes are halal, amar khali khaite icha kore! Bad habit! Mota hoye jachi onek. Need to start controlling wat i eat. I ate like anything these holidays and went clothes shopping yesterday. Kapor gula ja tight tight hoi, uff! Any1 got any weight loss tips?

I tried to scan a foto of me when i was a baby (got inspired by princess' blog). Seriously, I was SO cute masha Allah, lol. U guys hafta see. But scanner isnt working, uff! Everything is going wrong, tai na?

Well, as soon as the scanner works insha Allah I will post it up. Oh by the way, I read Harry Potter 6 and cried! And now I'm reading the old ones over again. And u pick up so many things in the old ones after reading the sixth one its amazing. Did u ppl no that JK Rowling is a billionare now and she earns more than the Queen? Impressive eh?

Who else read HP, tell me wat u thought and princess, I want Digital Fortress when u've finished with it =P


Blogger Emu said...

u'kno, i was gonna write a looong comment for this looong post, but i'm suddenly starting to feel very sleepy... even though it's 10:47 am. but i'll b back

10:47 am

Blogger -iishii- said...

hahaha, this is such a typical emooish answer. Ok, just be bak. And come soon!

10:58 am

Blogger Emu said...

OK, i shall start...(going by colour by colour)
Blue: Good luck with the timetable. They never did work for me, so I wish you all the best. Last sem was a bludge for me too, and I have a feeling thta this sem might just turn out to be another bludge... u know the condition of my timetable =D
Pink: Yes, people have been abandoning their blogs, in Macrocosm AND in Digitopia and beyond. WHAT'S WRONG!!! Uni stress? That's one thing I personally wouldn't understand bcos I haven't experienced nearly as much as you guys.
I like this template. It's..... serene.......
Green: Yeaaaay!!! I guess that spells freedom for you....unless Anika gets it first.
Orange: Peach. I've said this before and I'll say it again: You don't need to diet. "Joto paro toto khao, thole bhore ghure berao". Haven't you ever heard of the saying "Healthy, Wealthy and Wise"? (I'm not really sure about how that fits here)
Brown: Hehe ... "I was SO cute masha Allah". *snick, snick, snick*. Well, good to know that you finally got to share your cute baby photo with us all. It really is very cute.
Purple: I must know the story of HP so that I might be able to use it as a blackmailing tool. If Rowling really is a billionare and earns more than the queen, I feel extremely sorry for her.
Light pink (why???): I didn't

A general comment: I like the way you titled your post. Hehe, it's like naming the Surahs. "Horror @ Uni" - the blog where the horror of uni is mentioned.

ps. this is too long a post, so if it takes too much space, i'm going to delete it.

8:32 pm

Blogger Emu said...

*going colour by colour.
the 'by' at the start isn't supposed to be there

4:25 pm

Blogger *-Miha-* said...

Krispy kreams r too sweet dont u think? i can barely finish one.

6:42 am


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