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Friday, July 08, 2005

To-do list


Yay, my 3 day weekend started yesterday. I was so happy about it until I realised that I am the best time waster in the world. I guess because its holidays I can waste a bit more time than what I wasted while uni was still going. But I dont wanna get used 2 being lazy.

By the way ppl, hijabi girl has finally appeared in my blog =P. Guess what? I finally figured out who she is! And she's not Rabia, hehe. Rabia just has an email ad similar to that title, so u can understand the confusion.

Went to Intis place yestreday with Ms. Doe and her sis. Bought my sis clothes too. Man, ever since I started working, she has been devising plans 2 get me 2 spend! I buy more things 4 her than 4 myself!

U ppl wanna no wats it my mind now? OK here goes:
  • Yr 12 Video (must edit soon)
  • Andekha anjani si, paglisi deewanisi, jane wo kaisa hogi re (dont ask - weird weird song stuck in head)
  • Hafta pre-order Harry Potter 6 for me sis. It comes out next Saturday so hafta go in to shop pretty soon.
  • Must put mehendi on hair. Bathroom e mehendi bhijaye rakhsi so after dhuhr will put on hair insha Allah.
  • Hafta tidy my room. Afta exams my room is unchanged. It looks like a tornado just swept thru my room.
  • Feeling deppressed. Sine wave @ -1. But dont worry, it will change bak soon to 1 insha Allah. Plus sine waves always fluctuate rite, so i shud be only b/w -1 and 1. Insha Allah no more or no less.

I'm home alone now. Kothao Keo nei. U c, theres no point in having a big house if ur gonna be lonely anyways. Well, thats y I'm blogging. I betta get to working - doing all the stuff I listed above. Besto manush, bujho na... =P


Blogger fish out of the water said...

salams ishi. I also thought hijabi princess was Rabia.I couldn't figure out how would every1 else in Microcosomist might know her. So, don't you worry. you are not the only one who was fooled for a while. I am in your team :).

Feeling depressed? Read the Quran.

10:19 pm


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