All Hearts are dead except those with knowledge... All those with knowledge are asleep except those who perform good actions... All those who perform good actions are deceived except those with sincerity... And all those with sincerity are in a constant state of anxiety... [Imam Shafi'i]

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cruel World!

Salams ppl,

I was making breakfast this morning for my sister, myself and my mum. Roti 4 my sis and me. Those of u that know me well, esp me in the kitchen, will know that I'm really clumsy. Ranna banna korte giye pura ghor jalaye dite pari ami! Anyway, what happened this time was, I was frying 4 roti's. Ektar por ekta khub taratari chulai dichilam arki. Then ekta roti deyar shomoi, ami gadhar moto eto forcefully frypan e rekhechi, many drops of tel (oil) chite eshe lagse amar mukhe! I am scarred! But not 2 worry, I thought I'll put some cold cream or something on it after putting it under running water. And guess what? The only cold cream thingo is my dear sisters! And she wont let me use a drop of it! So much for "sharing is caring". So ami ekhon boshe boshe ice niye mukher shathe dhore boshe achi. The ice is melting on my face so rapidly. Only if i cud use the cold cream!


Blogger Flying Daggers said...

oh you poor thing .... nice sister u have though!!

6:06 pm

Blogger HijabiPrincess said...

why haven't u thought of the uptans i got for u? i hope its not too bad, is it? gotta talk to u sometimes... ami to abar busy manush, bujho na? didnt u get ur 3 connection yet? hello, me had been expecting a phonecall!

11:15 pm

Blogger Chimichanga said...

first aid is the white part of egg. yes the egg-white helps. But now I guess it's too late for that treatment. But for future reference!

12:18 pm

Blogger Emu said...

tea biscuit took the words right out of my mouth ... er, keyboard,...fingers,...whatever. and whatever you do, DO NOT let the yolk touch the burn.

3:01 pm

Blogger flynn.t said...

Is you face all pock-marked??

Are you planning on plastic surgery to go with your hair transplant??

(Note sarcasm).

PS- I'm only kidding... lemme know soon when we plan to get to Uni- 9:30 is the earliest for me.

10:32 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

wow, i never knew of the egg white thing. Thanx 4 that useful piece of advice guys :-D

HP, uptan is good 4 a face without burns. I dont know if it happens 2 u, but uptan dewar pore amar mukh ta ekdom gorom hoye thake 4 a while. So on a burn i didnt want it any more hotter, ;-)

Flynn, lets try 2 get 2 redfern station or central station (whatever is better 4 all of us) by 10am. Is that a good time?

11:20 am

Blogger Edward Ott said...

egg whites huh, learn something knew everyday.

1:00 pm

Blogger flynn.t said...

Ishi- is Edward Ott your alter ego, like Flynn is mine??

I knew you had to have one- everyone does!!
Btw- you unpatriotic thing you- you have the wrong flag up- the BD 1 is red & green.
AND you repeated the egg-white thing twice...

:D Can't wait to get outta the house... cya Monday & Tuesday, iA!!


PS- I'm kidding abou the whole "Alter ego" thing... Who's Edward Ott??

6:40 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

i dunno flynn. edward ott ke ami nijei jani na :-S and it duznt sound like a pakistani name 2 me either, lol.

11:20 pm


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