All Hearts are dead except those with knowledge... All those with knowledge are asleep except those who perform good actions... All those who perform good actions are deceived except those with sincerity... And all those with sincerity are in a constant state of anxiety... [Imam Shafi'i]

Friday, May 05, 2006

Need to see daylight!

Assalamualaikum all,

Here's my situation:

  • 2 assignments due next week
  • 2 due the week after
  • a week off the week after but...
  • 2 huge ones due the week after that
  • then a take home exam the next weekend (i think)
  • AND THEN... EXAMS!!!

So until semester ends, I am to not see any daylight! And insha Allah in the break I will have huge plans to just celebrate and I can't wait for all those YMSA programs that will happen then insha Allah. I need a spiritual boost after so much of uni uni and uni. Although I shouldnt really say that because 2 keep up with assignments I have been skipping a lot of classes. Last week I went to uni only on 2 days, this week I went 1 day, so I shud really stop that. Make dua 4 me peoples. I really need it!


Blogger Emu said...

Peace! you're still alive on blogspace!!! This is a joyous occations. Though, truly sorry to know that you'll be missing out on much sunlight; but you know how it is ... second year of uni ... makes you wanna run around and go AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!

All the best, deary.

6:41 am

Blogger eccentric_human said...

visiting ur blog after a looooong time as i was aways from "blogosphere" for long..

bt this seems to be the wrong time!!

best of luck with ur BUSYness..

tk care.. and dont frget me either..

Allah hafiz

8:37 pm

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