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Sunday, April 16, 2006

An update...

Salams all,

I wont write this as a long post coz its just after fajr and i'm so sleepy and tired I could fall asleep on the keyboard any moment.

News 1:

Jannah apu is getting married on June 2nd insha Allah!

The groom 2 b is a convert brother in NZ. His name is Nick (he's still searching 4 a Muslim name). The pair knew each other from b4 coz they travel to the same masjid since they live in the same area. When sparks began 2 fly they got engaged and eventually they will be married insha Allah. Make dua 4 the pair u all.

News 2:

Boishakhi mela was a total disaster 4 probashi. We made enuff just 2 cover how much we spent. There was hardly any profits. Yesterday was the mela, our stall looked nice and everything. Here's a pic of an info board in front of our stall (we had 2 boards - this 1 is the menu board).

Coz there was a lot more competition at the boishakhi mela than at the boi mela we didnt do so well. But at least it wasnt a loss alhamdulillah. We learnt 1 thing from this experience: never put a stall at boishakhi mela unless u know for a fact that what u r selling will sell extremely well!

News 3:

I'm so tired now! The last 2-3 days have been so hectic preparing 4 the mela. Yesterday we had 2 cut 10kg onions and 1 kg morich. It was a fun day though. It felt a lot like we were in BD preparing 4 some huge festival. But at the end of the day we were all dead tired! We just sat around watching a movie at my place. The day after that was the mela and we have been at the site from 9:30am - 9:30pm. So it was a 12 hour shift. Ekhon amar ga emon betha i think i'd be even worse than an old lady. Well, make dua 4 me ppls, I'm on break now but i have a LOT of work 2 do! So insha Allah I'll be off now and I will c u when i c u iA.


Blogger flynn.t said...

Really excited to hear about Jannah Apu, Alh. Go, if you get the chance... you definitely should.

Melas are so not my thing. You know, I don't recall EVER having gone to one... then again, I don't think it's a place I'd like to go.

PS- I really shouldn't be speaking to you, since you've been ignoring me for the past...oh-2/3 days or so. How you know that it's Flynn wehen I call you home phone, I have yet to figure out...maybe you have Caller ID, and refuse to pick up whne you see my number flashing?? Point of the matter is, you need to call me sooner than yesterday. I REALLY need to finalise details for Tuesday.

7:46 pm

Blogger flynn.t said...


7:47 pm

Blogger tancurve said...

Alhamdulillah! Send my regards to Jannah apu!
I know the dissappointment of a profitless sale... but don't you worry. At least you got a lesson to take home with you :).
At least you are spending your time, not wasting like me... :(.

8:18 pm

Blogger fish out of the water said...

Say Congratulations to Jannah apu. I am really happy for her.May Allah bless them.
I haven't seen you for so long althoug you live 5 mins drive from me. You should come and visit one day during the holidays.

8:07 pm

Blogger ashes2ashes said...

wow...give her our congrats and tis good to know that "sparks were flying", ishii (or did u just make it up,aye :P)??
hope to c u soon

12:31 pm


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