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Monday, March 13, 2006

My terribly unromantic parents!

Assalamualaikum ppl,

On the 8th of March it was my Mum's birthday. My dad wanted ti surptise her and take the whole family out to dinner at a halal thai restuarant in Randwick. Age thekei onek preparation kora chilo so abbu was really excited! My mum, on the other hand, preferred to stay at home and "korola bhaji diye bhat khete" (that is what she said). But in the end we dragged the grumpy birthday girl into the car and drove off to Randwick.

On the way to the restuarant my mum wouldnt talk 2 any1. She got even grumpier when I asked her how old she turned on the day. Apart from the when we got there, alhamdulillah the restuarant was good. We ordered too much food and were inflated to massive sizes (all of us apart from my lil sis, who never seems 2 get inflated regardless of what she eats).

After dinner, we decided that since the part of sydney we live in is like a village, gram er manush jokhon shohore jai tokhon bhalo moto ghure ashe. So we decided to go 2 Coogee Beach at night! It's been my dream 4 AGES to go to the beach at night. This was my first time there and it was so beautiful subhanallah! Onek khon beach e dariye thakar por o we wanted to stay longer. But ammu abbu wanted to come back home quick. Me and Anika were enjoying ourselves so much that we could stay the night there if we had to. It was that beautiful. But my terribly unromantic parents were being the typical bangalis and decided to leave early. Nevertheless, it was a good expereince, my first time ever to go to the beach at nighttime. Onek moja korsilam!


On a more morbid note, I have been traumatised for over 24 hours, food doesnt appeal to me and sleep doesnt help me rest. I was dragged by a few friends to the movies yesterday. But little did we expect the movie to be so disgusting. Amar ekhon o bomi bomi ashche. Can u guess what we watched? Its the most controversial film of our time: "Brokeback Mountain". My eyes were closed through half the movie. From what they showed of it in the news it was nowhere near as dirty and explicitly visual as the actual film was. We just wanned 2 c what the fuss was abt, also check out some of the film techniques coz it won awards for that. But honestly, i dont know y. If the movie was aimed at creating sympathy 4 homosexual ppl, it did the complete opposite. I'm even more scared of them now.

I cried for hours (literally hours) last night because i thought of what shaytan does to people. Usually I am the type of person who always has hope in people. Even if some1 commits the biggest sins, I pray that Allah (SWT) guides them. But after watching this movie, I couldn't pray that Allah (SWT) guides the people who commits this sin, rather I prayed that Allah (SWT) punishes them. For the 1st time in my life I asked Allah (SWT) to punish some1 rather than guide them. Nijer kache khub kharap lagchilo je i couldnt ask 4 their guidance. I tried to, but the words wouldnt even come out of my mouth. All I could ask was for them to be punished. A piece of advice 2 all of u: If u were ever thinking of watching that movie, NEVER EVER watch it! If it angered me this much (I have never been angered by a film, agitated yes, but not angered) it will no doubt anger most of you. I pray that Allah (SWT) forgives me for going 2 watch it. Next time if I ever do go to the movies, I am sticking to non-controversial films.


Blogger Chimichanga said...

beach at night! Whoa! Good stuff. Hey I just checked your old comments and saw you wanted to get my URL. I am sorry I didn't get back to you before. Oh well, you are the one who doesn't update so frequently. lol. ANyway,
I know the URL is weird. But Flynn helped me get this! lol.

5:08 pm

Blogger HijabiPrincess said...

you shouldnt have put up both posts together, specially when the first one was so sweet and the second one so full of anger. i hope u got over hte movie by now! u felt quite touched in the fone too.
I blogged. :-)

7:44 pm

Blogger flynn.t said...

HP- you blogged, but I've been "FORBIDDEN" from your blog site... WHY??? *wails*

And SB- I didn't have to watch the movie to know that I would be traumatised bby it, but in some ways, I think I would've come out of it somewhat less scarred than yourself.
Y'know what- this really IS the reality of life as we DON'T know it today... ouch.

9:02 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

HP, I posted a comment on ur blog this morning but now im "forbidden" from your site too. Whats going on?

Ur quite right flynn. I think im so much happier in my little bubble where i dont know the nitty gritty details of these things. It's one thing 2 know that it exists, but completely another 2 know the details of this stuff.

10:15 pm

Blogger Emu said...

*no comment*

11:39 pm

Blogger »|n|i|r|a|« said...

I really think you should cut down on going to the movies...

10:36 pm


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