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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Watsons Bay Trip

Assalamualaikum all,

Yesterday was the last day of the easter break and I had huge plans to start an assignment (being the studious person i am, ahem). However mother dear had other plans. We were to drive around the city and stop wherever we felt like it. We went to a few places, mostly just drove around the city and abbu was like a tour guide giving us historical details about EVERYTHING!

Heres a foto of the harbour bridge from the bottom. I wanted to drive our car over the bridge but apparently u hafta pay a toll and since we are bangali and fear paying money for most things we didnt go.

We stopped by the Sydney Observatory as well. There's an awesome park there. Its so pretty u'd think its in some country town but its in the middle of the city. The contrast made it so beautiful. The scenery was really nice at the same time there wasnt the loud uproar u'd expect from the city. Here's one of the many fotos of the views from that park.

The park was surrounded on practically all 4 sides with ocean so it was like a huge panaramic view u see on some tourism sites only it was real, which makes it all the more nicer too take in. After that we drove around some more in the city. Then we went to Watsons Bay. Here's a foto of Watson's Bay from above.

Let me tell you some rich people live there! The houses were so nice, we saw like 4 - 6 stories high residences! Some houses had swimming pools on their verandah, one even had a basketball court in the front yard! I guess rich people dont like life much (even tho they have it all, they have nothing) coz opposite watsons bay is a place called "the gap", an infamous area known for being a popular suicide spot. The Gap was such a breathtaking place i dont understand y people wud wanna die there. They shud wanna live after seeing something so beautiful. Have a look at these pix of the gap.

You people all should go there if you get the chance to, but for sightseeing not for suicide. I think i remember hearing about a HSC student 4 or 5 years ago who commited suicide at the gap. I've heard many more cases of students commiting suicides here from exam stress so my advice 2 u is, if u r sitting 4 HSC this year or are very tense with study, and to add to it all are a very deppressed person, DO NOT VISIT THIS PLACE! But if u rnt, please do :-D


Blogger tancurve said...

looks beautiful! do u think i should go considering my tan curve can decide to go down the slope any moment... ;)

7:23 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

hehe, i think u of all ppl shud go there coz its a maddd place 2 hybernate in! And we all know that u r the queen of hybernation :-P. Just come back after ur done hybernating, thats all :-D

9:27 pm

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Blogger *-Miha-* said...

THATS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!subhanAllah

7:42 am


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