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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

বই মেলা

Salam to every1,

Guess what! Remember the group I told u all about in a previous post? "Probashi" - the grp fundraising for acid victims in BD? Well, at the most recent boi mela we had a food stall. We sold:
ঝাল মুরী, ডালপুরি, শিন্গারা, লাচ্ছি, Cake, Lucky Dip (4 the kids) and Audio CD's.

Alhamdulillah we had a lot of customers and many people were extremely supportive of our cause. Many Ozzie people came and brought SO much from us just for the sake of donating. May people brought things for more than what it was priced at. But at the same time there was also people who complained abt the price too, lol.

Guess what our profit was at the end of the day? We made $1038! Alhamdulillah, we are all very happy with this. Insha Allah at the end of the year all our funds from this year will be sent 2 BD through Prothom Alo Shohaiok Tohobil. Insha Allah I pray that this money is put to good use.


Blogger »|n|i|r|a|« said...

Good on you all!

2:04 am

Blogger flynn.t said...

Mate, I REALLY wish some of the cheapos who complain about donating to the acid victims would get a life & chuck some money into it.

7:27 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

I know eh? I told flynn this but i'll share with the rest of u. Some of the fobby guys at the mela were being informed of our cause and abt the extent to which this (i.e. acid abuse) is prevalent in BD. And they're like, "There's no such things as acid victims in BD". Can u imagine! Thats their idea of trying 2 look cool. And later they even said that the acid victims dont need money. Instead if we give them their biodata, they (i.e. the fobs) can marry them and make their lives better. :S :S :S :S :S. I wasnt there but i felt like y didnt some1 say "uncle, ei meye gular jibon emnitei onek kharap, amra oder life e improvement anate cheshta korchi not utter destruction!" This just proves: Fobs will always be Fobs, haha.

11:10 am

Blogger HijabiPrincess said...

:O. how could any one say such things? i am utterly ashamed to be a fob now.

by the way, ishi, u should be our next treasurer.

2:21 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

lol, haha, HP, ur so funny! Ur not a complete fob. 50% holeo, oirokom na :-P, hehe.

And treasurer, me? No no, im good with ideas but never with implementation. I can give the treasurer many ideas abt fundraising for YMSA but i wudnt be good 4 the role.

9:58 am

Blogger Emu said...

hp? a fob??? ... suddenly i don't know hp anymore and the world has turned upside down....

8:16 pm


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