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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Charity Breakfast...

Assalamualaikum ppls,

Onek din pore blog korchi and seems everyone else is on a longer break than me... anyways, my exams are over alhamdulillah and now i'm home for a month on holidays. Like most holidays, parents are bugging me to get a job. I get the 'u r bekar, u r useless, jibon niye kichu ekta korte paro na?' type talk quite often, lol. Makes it sound like im some old guy je mayer kol theke uthte chachche na, right? But believe it or not, thats so not me. But yes, it is true that i need to get a job and they have their reasons to tell me to do so. Anyways, off to a more interesting topic...

A while back HP contacted me about a very cute little girl in BD called Prapti, who was suffering from leukemia but insha Allah she had 90% chance of survival. Now the family was appealing for money, so she asked if i could arrange anything. What i did was contact the Probashi girls, (remember the organisation i was a part of, who raises funds for acid victims in BD) and alhamdulillah after contacting the family, everyone agreed to take on the project.

If you want to read more about Prapti, please go to the following sites (i cant seem to load any pics, so please go to these sites to see prapti's pix):

So we came up with an idea to hold a charity breakfast for Prapti and got organising. Since most of the probashi girls were busy with exams and study (it being june we all had exams!!!), we contacted some of the uncles in the local bangali soccer group and they were very helpful and helped us arrange this project. Without the uncles and many volunteering aunties we really couldnt have made it a very successful project. We also had a few banglai celebs come and support us since they were here filming a natok, we invited them to the breakfast and they came. Starts who came: hassan wahhab shoinik, rubli chowdhury, chanchal chowdhury, tushar khan, mahfuz ahmed, mamun-ur-rashid, tomalika kormokar (sorry somethings wrong and i cant seem to attach any fotos)

We also were donated 4 cushions from a local shop to auction. Mahfuz auctioned it and the set was sold for $106.00. All proceeds went to Prapti!

All in all, it was a really good event and many people not only donated through buying breakfast but made donations. How much did we raise??? Well, at the end of the day alhamdulillah we made almost $6000, which is 3 lakh taka. This has been handed over to prapti's fupi thru Prothom Alo via an uncle that went to bd recently to visit.

Probashi is keeping "PROJECT PRAPTI" as an ongoing thing and are trying to raise more money insha Allah. If anyone is interested in donating, please contact me or any of the other Probashi girls if u no them. Thanx. Most importantly keep Prapti in your dua's that insha Allah, Allah will grant her a good life full of guidance, imaan and blessings. Ameen.


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