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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lunch with Nahid

Salams all,

I wrote this blog msg ages ago during the break but stupid comp did stupid things so i cudnt do anything right. Alh all is working well now, so here's my blog from during the break!

Today was probably the most exciting day of my utterly boring holidays, actually one of the 2 most exciting days during my break. The other day (apart from 2day that was exciting) was the YMSA Picnic which alhamdulillah I had a great time at, but I guess there was a lot of responsibility on me as well. So the fun aspect of it was slightly less than today but I hope everyone else had fun insha Allah (it looked like every1 else was having fun!). Insha Allah I hope we can continue this as an annual thing for YMSA every year.

What happened today was that our dear friend Nahid wanted to treat us all to lunch on the occasion of her getting a job! So we all headed to Rockdale today to have Nando’s for lunch. After a half an hour walk we finally found the place! It took us probably more than another half an hour just to choose what to have for lunch! Several batches of people came and left but we remained as the most annoying, and probably the noisiest (due to Nahid I assure you, lol) bunch there. So finally we ordered and guess what? I never knew Nando’s was so spicy!!! Shobar nak mukh theke pani tani ber hoye obostha ki je holo! And our Flynn, regardless of having the non-spiciest lemon and herb sauce “for those who love cool” (I think that’s what the menu said about it) was having a hard time with the spices, lol. Then can you imagine Rabz and Nahid’s situation who ordered the Extra-hot sauce with their food!!! I neutralized the jhaal with probably a few litres of tomato sauce and then I was fine. But the rest of the girls were still panting for breath!

After that ordeal we went to the nearby lake (I don’t think u cud call it a beach, or cud u? correct me if I’m wrong - it may be an artificial beach :S) in Brighton-le-Sands. After the 30 min walk to find Nando’s we were akready in Brighton-le-sands by that time. Since the lake/sea/something??? was right across the road we all went for a visit. And since it was isolated and we were the only people there we started
to go slightly crazy!!! Flynn was doing cartwheels (NO I will NOT attach any of
those fotos, lol, if u wanna c, ask Flynn and get it off her personally), Emu and Nahid were dancing and replicating scenes from “Titanic” (arms stretched, in front of the ocean… u no, the “jack, I’m flying” scene). HP was running around like a kid who had been given freedom after being grounded for years! It was raining too, which may have been romantic if we all didnt get cold!

Well, I won’t blabber on any more, here’s some fotos as a reward for reading all this
junk… Enjoy!!!

We were #8 in the order queue, cute chicken, eh?

Nahid posing excitedly at the beach, lake, river???

Flynn's artwork on the sand

Rainbow (purrrtttyyy)

View of the place from higher up

Entrance to our world

The rest of the beach was clear sand with no foot prints but u can tell the bit that we chose as our hangout, see all the footprints!


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