All Hearts are dead except those with knowledge... All those with knowledge are asleep except those who perform good actions... All those who perform good actions are deceived except those with sincerity... And all those with sincerity are in a constant state of anxiety... [Imam Shafi'i]

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Aaj kaal kar polapan...

Just a random note, kids these days are becoming more and more shallow and vain. I know when i speak of 'aaj kaal kar polapan' i sanctimoniusly don't include myself and thats wrong, i'm no different. I have my moments of vanity which I pray that Allah (SWT) to remove as far away from me as possible cos vanity is never a good thing.

One thing with the bangali kids, they don't speak bangla!!! Some pretend not to be bangali at all! I'm no FOB but i like being bangali and i like speaking bangla, even though i'm not too good at it. English to je keo-i bolte pare here, a second language i think, is a gift from Allah (SWT), but it's a shame how people will do anything to rid themselves of this blessing.


Blogger Emu said...

ahare bechari. "jodi tor daak shune keo na ashe tobe ekla cholore". Keep on writing...

5:52 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

hehe, i intend to insha Allah thank u very much

1:48 pm

Blogger ashes2ashes said...

oohhh...poor girl, u seem to be the only person still blogging! we need to revive it, i think.

good work, ishii...keep it up:)

4:05 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

Thanx ash, u keep blogging 2, come on, i need more people 2 help me revive us!!!

3:03 pm

Blogger Mira said...

this is actually lamz here. [i am not lost!] i know!! everyone is off blogging.. ! but i'll keep writing.. in my new blog.

8:10 pm


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