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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Speech...

Salams ppl,

In Minto, every sunday the aunties and uncles have a regular Islamic gathering. Usually they get guest speakers everytime, but lately they've utilised another strategy: they've been getting Muslim youth in the community who are practising Islam to come and speak to them. I guess seeing a young person with a strong zeal for Islam does inspire people. Anyway, they asked me to be their guest speaker last Sunday, and I accepted the invitation.

I had summarized the first 2 chapters of "Let us be Muslim" by Abu'l 'Ala Mawdudi, because I thought it was a very relevant topic for ALL muslims, be they older aunties and uncles or youth. So thats what I prepared, and every step of the way I was getting nervous. I thought I would unintentionally offend someone, because Bangali aunties get offended very easily. I found out on the night that someone once spoke on hijaab before and it offended many aunties... I wonder y (that wasnt sarcasm, i really do wonder y)?

While I went there after having read the Prophet (SAS)'s hadith: "Say what is true, although it may be bitter and displeasing to people" (Baihaqi), I knew I had to say what I had to say, but my tone and way of expressing myself had to be respectable to everyone there. Because people often misread even the nicest of messages badly because of tone...

Alhamdulillah my speech went ok. 2 or 3 aunties even cried when I mentioned some hadiths about how devoted the Sahaba's were and they were the ideal Muslims. The point that a Muslim never questions Allah (SWT)'s command really got to them i think, insha Allah. Because these days we question everything, but the sahabahs didnt think themselves high enough to speak over Allah (SWT), which should be the behaviour of anyone who calls themselves Muslim (ie. one who completely submits their will to the will of Allah SWT). So insha Allah i pray that I have inspired at least some of those present that day to re-evaluate their imaan and become better believers.


Blogger Emu said...

i guess the people/aunties who get offended at hijab or certain other topics is that they think they're being pointed at. can't speak for other cultures, but bangalies tend to read into things too much, and many a time, i'm not excluded.

did u do the speech in bangla or english?

thanks for mentioning the hadith, btw. good reminder. i once read a hadith where a sahabi, when asking about an embaressing situation, began with "Allah is not ashamed of the truth".

11:51 pm

Blogger ashes2ashes said...

good job, ishii- your speech seems to have worked on the aunties :).
and you had the right attittude - your job was to speak the truth, but in a tactful way...which you have obviously managed to do.

anyway...i'll try and blog- my life is sooo hectic at the moment that I don't have much time for the extra stuff.

but, if you continue to write i shall endevour to comment:0.

keep it up.

2:24 pm

Blogger ashes2ashes said...

I updated...I feel like celebrating...this is a momentous occasion for the revival of blogging:)! I think I'll have to do the celebrating by myself :(... guys better check it out, otherwise...

2:46 pm

Blogger flynn.t said...

Two thumbs (and my left pinky)up for Ishi!!
This may sound corny, but I think we all have an ability to reach people through speech, but in different ways.
E.g.: Yours is to stir people's emotional intellect (in my opinion); whereas mine would probably be the use of confusing rationality.
(Another oxymoron, I know, but it's like the 'stupid genius' thing...)

8:18 pm

Blogger tancurve said...

wow, few even cried! Hamdulillah, may Allah soften every one's heart and give them the courage of practicing what they think they should be doing.

I updated too! How come everyone is back at around the same time?

11:38 am

Blogger flynn.t said...

two words explain this revival phenomenon, Tancurve:

7:13 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

CCCCOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL, Alhamdulillah u all r back, love u guys, mwah mwah mwah! Insha Allah i shall check ur blogs now... right now... toodlios...

10:13 pm

Blogger :_AnoNymUs_: said...

what about me??...
it isnt fair...

no one visits my blog..:S.

7:07 pm

Blogger Chimichanga said...

Ramadan Kareem! See you are writing a bit now!missed you all.

2:03 pm

Blogger -iishii- said...

Ramadhan Mubarak to u too sis! And to everyone else as well! Mad flat hatter apu (that sound so odd), i know this is the the billionth time im asking this but what's ur blog url again? I always lose it. So can never go back!

10:12 pm

Blogger Chimichanga said...

just click on my profile. It's listed there as "my website"

12:55 am

Blogger »|n|i|r|a|« said...

WELL DONE IISHII. May Allah give you reward for it. Always take advantage of the opportunity to speak in such a prog and see if you can meet some new people to target for dawah. Another thing that would be really important to do (if it was ok for you) is promote YMSA by saying that you're part of a group that helps you practice your deen, sisters act as good influence and that being with such a group is the best way of finding Allah. Remember, when you're ou there giving a speech, you also need see urself as a member of YMSA and think about how you can use every opportunity to promote our org! MAY ALLAH GIVE YOU JAZA!

8:15 pm


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